Department of Biological Sciences

Fall 2014
Seminar Speaker Series

All seminars are presented on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in NSC 220 unless specified otherwise
and are preceeded by refreshments at 3:45 p.m.

Note: This seminar series is partially funded by the Orrin E. Foster Lecture Fund,
through the College of Arts & Sciences, Office of the Dean.

Sept. 4

Dr. Shermali Gunawardena
SUNY at Buffalo Department of Biological Sciences
Assistant Professor

“Deadly pile-ups on neuronal highways: Transport problems in neurodegenerative disease”

Sept. 11

Dr. Soheila J. Maleki
US Dept. of Agriculture
Associate Professor
Tulane School of Medicine Food Allergy Research

“Thermal Processing Alters the Allergenicity of Peanut Proteins”
Host: Dr. Paul Gollnick

Sept. 25

Dr. Gerald B. Koudelka
Department of Biological Sciences
State University of New York at Buffalo

“Refining bacterial pathogens: the bacterial response to protist predation”

Oct. 2
Dr. Michael Conn
Senior Vice President for Research and Associate Provost
Texas Tech UniversityBGSA Student Invited Speaker-By Jacky Chow

“Pharmacoperones: A new Therapeutic Approach Un-Folding”
BGSA Student Invited Speaker-By Jacky Chow
Oct. 9
Dr. Tom Santangelo
Assistant Professor
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Colorado State University

“Genetic manipulation of the hyperthermophilic Archaea: insights into the information processing systems”
Host: Dr.Paul Gollnick
Oct. 23
Dr. Scot Wolfe
Assistant Professor
UMass Medical School
Program in Gene Function & Expression
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

“Global exploration of DNA recognition by Zinc fingers spawns new tools for the study of miRNA function in zebrafish pancreas development”
Host: Dr. Gerald Koudelka
Oct. 30
Dr. Jeffrey Hayes
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
University of Rochester

“Conformations and interactions of the core histone tails
and linker histone in chromatin”
Host: Dr. Laura Rusche
Nov. 6

Dr. Peter Lipke
Department of Biology
CUNY Brooklyn

"Pathogen Adhesives and How They Work"
Host: Dr. Steve Free

Nov. 13

Distinguished Alumni Seminar Series
David Rothstein, MD

Pittsburgh Steelers Chair in Transplantation; Professor of Surgery, Medicine, and Immunology
University of Pittsburgh

“New pathways to promote immunological tolerance”
Host: Dr. Ron Berezney

Nov. 20

Dr. Chandra Tucker
Assistant Professor
The Program in Molecular Biology
University of Colorado School of Medicine


"Optogenetic control of cellular function using engineering photoreceptor Proteins"
Host: Dr. Denise Ferkey