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The Department of Biological Sciences is a center for innovative, interdisciplinary life sciences research. Students in the graduate programs in the Department of Biological Sciences gain a deep understanding of their own discipline as well as the skills and experience to think across multiple levels of biological organization, from molecules to ecosystems. This unique cross-disciplinary approach to life sciences training prepares students to become leaders in fields ranging molecular structure-function to biomedicine to evolutionary genomics.

The Department of Biological Sciences at the University at Buffalo offers research and study programs leading to the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Masters of Science and Masters of Arts:

         Ph.D. program provides training for students interested in taking leadership positions in academic institutions and/or the biotech industry.

       MS program provides research skills training for students who have not had previous research experience, and/or advanced instruction for those who wish to assume laboratory management positions.

       MA program introduces students to advanced topics in biological sciences, preparing students for successful careers in health professions, education, and regulatory organizations.

Current faculty research interests are interdisciplinary and center around three themes:

        Molecular Biology of Gene Expression
Work in this area explores the roles of genes, gene families, chromosomes, and genomes in the function and adaptation of individuals and populations.

       Signal Transduction in Sensory Perception and Development
This research group is focused on signal transduction and the role it plays in a wide array of processes including the neuronal systems, development, and cell to cell interactions.

         Molecular Evolution/Population Biology
Research in this area addresses the roles played by evolutionary processes in shaping organisms and populations. Research spans a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, including different levels of biological organization and is relevant to studies of short and long term environmental change on populations.

As a student in the graduate programs in Biological Sciences at the University at Buffalo, you will work with and learn from a close knit community of scholars that includes both distinguished faculty and upcoming, cutting edge researchers. Our faculty are focused on providing you with interdisciplinary training within flexible degree programs that are driven by your interest and career goals.



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